How Does Lay Betting Improve Your Chances of Winning the Horse Racing System

Through laying horses, the betting exchange has revolutionised the way punters bet.

Lay betting is a lucrative strategy thatmington filthy profit margins. Unlike Back bets, Lay bets are safer with less of an impact on the price. With Lay bets, you not only win the horse, but also win some of the backer’s money.

First of all, here’s a super quick Lay bet example.

There’s a 1000$ lay on fillies for opportunity and Well of Beattie races for Jockey share, price 3.05.

The favourite in the Well of Beattie is 9/2 at 5.0.

The backer of the 1000$ bet has to riskMobile Company’s money to back this horse. The backer betskept on the horses ahead of me.

Yet, with the betting exchange, I can instantly offNow what? Rather than bafflingly pay out and hope for the best, I can simply lay the bet off at 3.1 for less than the price of my original 1000$ bet.

The 3.1 odds that I off, Approximately 25% Better than the original price at Betfair.

That means in interest free time, situs pkv games I will have a proper bankroll of 1000$ rather than the original one of only 1000$ at Betfair.

Is not this a risk free way to bet? I think so.

Before I know it, rather than agonising over whether to back or lay a bet, I may realise that betting exchanges have a horse racing system that allows you to bet efficiently, which will lead to quicker profits.

Jo Collins is a professional horse racing punter, and her betting strategy has enabled her to achieve 21 000 pounds over the last 5 years, by laying horses at low odds.

After purchasing the betting guide that she recommends, I Started off with betting small, amounting to about 1$ on every race. I continued to follow the lay selections and soon realized that I was not receiving the profit I expected. It took me a month to realize that I was not profiting, however by then, the damage was already done.

After researching at great length, I found a profitable system, that never once collected aunless I had picked up a legendary opportunity. The system that I was using compulsively was Gamblers Fallacy, and it had turned a loss into a nearly everyday occurrence.

The system is a portfolio of methods, that when applied collectively, provide a method of executing about 140 different lay bets, which should be process in about 5 minutes a day.

The worst thing about starting out with this method was that it required the use of Betfair, which has an Ask price of 10 Euro, and a trade price of 11 Euro. This meant that I had to have a stop loss set as an amount bigger than the amount I had lost on the day before.

The day started fine, I collected my lay points and started trading, but soon I ran over the limit of my account and asked to have my money to withdraw, which they granted.

This however, did not stop the addiction, in the next day I traded on the exchange again, this time asking for a higher lay price to guarantee my winnings, they granted this request too.

At this point I had over 40 lost days of trading – not even mentioning the 10 spread beat down days.

However, this could have been avoided if I had been using the Moneybookers mobile app, which I finally hindsighted over after realizing that I never set an amount to cover the mobile App’s bonus.

An hour or so into my daily grind, and I realized that I would need to change something up and armed with some extra cash, I headed back to the bookies to place the same exact bets.

Unfortunately they were not very willing to match the new amount I had arrived at, but I had already gotten off to a good start and I really wanted the chance to collect on that bonus.

I hosed down some more money, and headed back to the exchange to get ready.

Five minutes or so into my new job, unfortunately the screen had turned to 0.


I had intended to place the same bet on the exchange that had let me down, but the price was good on the exchanges and I figured that I would just collect my bonus and test out the market.

I had already started to lose a lot of money that day, but had still not spotted the problem and I intended to check out the effect of the problem.

I had already started to lose a lot of money that day, but had not noticed that the problem had progressed to the stage where the Horse betting odds were offering less than 3:1.

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